Erebos "Music for Ritual"

by Norot

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"Norot’s music is hauntingly deep, it lulls me into a state of primal darkness that I often feel, but seldom hear or experience in such a manner as only he delivers." ~ S. Ben Qayin

"Erebos" is a haunting and dark piece with the intent of ritualistic or meditative use. I recorded it as a meaningful way to thank all the wonderful folks within the occult community that have been so supportive of my work. It is a free download and I urge everyone to share a link to this song amongst your fellow practitioners. it will mostly appeal to those individuals that are on the left hand path but it is in no way meant to be limited to only that.

It was important for me to create a soundscape that didn't not encompass too many changes or distracting complexity. It does not have a true musical climax which for me was foremost in its composition since every rite may reach its magical peak at a different rhythm and time. In my younger days I usually found my self frustrated with the music I was limited to when I first started ritual work, most songs had a crescendo that never coincided with my own pace, it just never synched up save for a few rare occasions. Music for me is a must during ritual as it truly enhances and immerses me within my visualization work. With this in mind I set out to make a very neutral piece of music that simply held a steady pace and rhythm. there are small accents that are only there for texture and color. I played all the instruments on the piece, guitar, all vocalizations and bodhrán. naturally I strove for it to capture a very ancient greek sort of atmosphere and sound. I needed it to invoke the smoky temples and cathedrals with my subconscious. I have tested the music myself as did my dear friend and renown occult author S. ben Qayin. I have illustrated two of his books so far and he is truly a master of his craft. After having used it within a ritual he had these kind words to say about the piece of music.

Erobos being that place between the land of the living and the realm of the dead which is depicted within the artwork. The piece was created simultaneously within the same creative cycle as the recording. As with all my musical works there is a corresponding piece of art that is held to the same degree of importance as the music. hand drawn in black ink on paper.

Cheers to you all and I do hope this piece of art can aid you on your chosen path.


released September 25, 2016
Norot is Robert W. Cook ~ guitars, vocals, bodhrán and artwork.

© Norot 2014 All artwork and music are copyrighted



all rights reserved


Norot Cork, Ireland

Norot is a solitary ritualistic recording project originally from Louisiana now based in Cork, Ireland. encompassing Atmospheric Black Metal, Doom & Gothic elements. A musical extension of the Norot concept created by occult artist Robert W. Cook.

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